Buffalo Worm Banoffee Pie

This recipe was really exciting for me to try because I was combining two of my favourite things…..Deliciously Ella meet entomophagy.

Deliciously Ella is an amazing cookbook by Ella Woodward. She cut out all processed food after suffering from a rare illness that left her bedbound. She no longer eats meat, dairy, gluten or refined sugar and after eating a whole food, plant-based diet she has come of all medication and is wonderfully healthy, oh and beautiful and smart (…did I mention I love her?!). She runs this blog so definitely go check it out.

I know Ella is vegan so I hope she doesn’t mind me corrupting her recipe with BUGS (Ella don’t be mad, I love you!!).

Up to now I’ve not been a fan of the buffalo worms. I was an immediate fan of mealworms, and I love my grasshoppers, but buffalo worms I just couldn’t get on with. Until now! Continue reading Buffalo Worm Banoffee Pie

No such thing as a free lunch? I bug to differ.

Wednesday 3rd June was Global Pestaurant Day. With events happening in Trinidad, Turkey, South Africa, Estonia, USA, Germany and Ireland.

I attended the pop-up Pestaurant hosted by Rentokil in Cardiff, Wales.

Everything there was free, so I was able to partake in the often mentioned, but rarely experienced, free lunch! Continue reading No such thing as a free lunch? I bug to differ.

Panko-breadcrumbed Grasshoppers

I really love this recipe (if I can call it that as it is really super easy!) It shows off the great taste of the grasshopper, but also disguises the “bug features” for those of you with squeamish friends!

Makes a great starter or snack. Continue reading Panko-breadcrumbed Grasshoppers

Mealworm & Cricket Satay Sauce

I’ve been dying to try this meal worm satay sauce recipe from eatgrub.co.uk and today I have the chance.
However when I got to my mealworms I realised I only had 9g of mealworms left 😦 So I made up the rest with 12g of leftover cricket legs which I remove for my other recipes. I also didn’t have palm sugar as called for my the eatgrub recipe so I just used caster sugar. Continue reading Mealworm & Cricket Satay Sauce

Cricket Jemput-Jemput Recipe

I’ve been eating jemput-jemput since I was a kid – it’s a Malaysian/Indonesian favourite. These crunchy fritters are traditionally made with chicken, prawns or ikan bilis (dried anchovies) or as a sweet with banana.

Equally delicious with CRICKETS 🙂 Continue reading Cricket Jemput-Jemput Recipe

Hello world!


Welcome to BugBitesUK!

Here I’m going to document my journey into the VERY EXCITING world of entomophagy….insect eating in other words.

I’ll keep you updated on:

  • My little mirco-farm I’ve got going at home,
  • Recipes!…gotta know how to cook with the little guys,
  • And other cool things I come across!